Consent with processing of Personal data.

The organizer of this match is the club, which offers this match on, in its separate club section further divided into matches and archives (hereinafter "Club").

Match participant duly notes that Club is entitled to collect, process and keep personal data of match participants for the purpose of match organization and realization of sporting activities and other activities for which Club was founded and to which it contributes.

Club therefore processes all data provided by the match participant in connection with his/her match registration or with the rights and duties of the match participant as required by the match rules.

The data includes mainly name and surname, alias, category, date of birth, address, e-mail and phone number ("Personal data"). Match participant further agrees that Club can collect, process and keep his/her Personal data for the following purposes:
a) Creation and administration of the database of the participants of the shooting sport;
b) Registration and administration of the user account on the electronic portal;
c) Providing information to the membership applicants, members and match participants.

Provision of the Personal data for these purposes is voluntary. Match participant duly notes that the Personal data necessary for the purpose of organization of the shooting matches are kept for the time of the match preparation, duration and evaluation and for future matches and for any time necessary to fulfill all these purposes. The match participant can revoke his consent with processing of his Personal data in writing, by e-mail of by phone any time.