CAS Scoring version 1.23

CAS Scoring - version 1.23

Setup tab:

  1. Match selection moved to the Setup tab
  2. To change a Match, you can tap on the match name on the top.
  3. Shooters lists feature allows creating lists of shooters, e.g. regular shooters.
  4. A tool for copying a default shooter category from the General set to other sets.

Match tab:

  1. App will backup the shooters' category when you change the type of a Match and restore then when you change the type back.
  2. Option to suppress signature auto appear.

Score tab:

  1. Warning message will appear if raw time is bigger than 100s.

Reports tab:

  1. New report Score log - contains score history (works only for newly created matches).
  2. New report Country x Category Winners (and just Men or Ladies)
  3. New report State x Category Winners (and just Men or Ladies)
  4. Match Analysis report, added columns: Avg, Max, Min for Raw and Total Time
  5. Improved layout of report tables on pages

Synchronization tab:

  1. To synchronize with other devices, the app needs Local network access approval on iOS 14.
  2. App keeps a screen on during synchronization to prevent synchronization interruption.
  3. Synchronization review screen now displays every score change.
  4. Export of scores to CSV file - good for analysis in spreadsheets.
  5. Removed option to replace categories when importing from SASS.
  6. New order of items.

And many bug fixes.