Web Manual 04: Registration administration

The competition is set and now you must deal with all the organizational matters connected to the competition. We are not able to help you out with most of the organizational duties on the casscoring.com web but what we are really good at is the registrations administration. We are able to manage the registrations easily and export them right in the formats needed. The competition may be also linked with the application for jury and the results may be easily imported to the casscoring.com web. Thanks to that you don't need to fill in any charts tediously and your registration agenda will be simplified to a few clicks.


First thing your competitors must do is to fill in a registration form at the competition on the casscoring.com web. If the competitor registers at the casscoring.com web first the filling of the form will be a question of a few clicks for them.

They only choose the category, the payment method and after confirming the data protection consent they register into the competition. They receive the automatically generated instructions for the competition and information confirming their registration via e-mail. We produce the documents automatically based on the data you provide at your club entry and at the venue and competition. You do not need to worry about anything – it's all automatic.

As a competition administrator you have the Orders button in your editorial panel. If you click on that you get to the list of all the registered competitors. There you can manage all registrations. Each competitor may be marked as organizer or that their payment was obtained there. In both cases after the change of the registration state the appropriate documents are sent to the competitors e-mail.

Besides you can also edit the registration. That may be useful when the competitors let you know that they have made a mistake by registration.

And when it´s necessary to cancel the competitor's registration you can use the Remove button. By pressing the button the system warns you what you are up to in order to avoid any mistake.

Other competitors may have a look at the list of the competitors straight at the event where they can check the confirmed registrations and also the unconfirmed ones.

Last but not least we mustn't forget the exports of the competition lists into XLS and CSV formats. Before the competition you can comfortably download the necessary lists into your PC and work with them as needed.

We wish you a lot of success while organizing competitions. We believe that the casscoring.com web application will save you a lot of trouble and you will be able to concentrate on a unique atmosphere of your competition.