Web Manual 03: Competition administration

To create and then manage any competition on the casscoring.com web you need to have set your club entry and venue correctly. If you do not know how to do that please check the previous part of the manual dealing with club and place administration.

Should you have your club entry set correctly and the venue created you can start to create your first competition. The competitions are labelled as "events" in general on the web.


Should you have your club entry set correctly and the venue created you can start to create your first competition. The competitions are labelled as "events" in general on the web.

After logging in go to your club and in the structure panel choose a venue. Only then you can enter a new event. Otherwise the editorial system will not let you create an event. Then click the New and Event buttons in the top left corner. A modal window for creating events with several tabs to be filled in opens.

You start with the Properties tab where some general inputs necessary in order to display the event on the casscoring.com web correctly must be filled in step by step.

In the Name input you fill in the full – official name of the event. That name will be automatically filled in all the documents sent to the competitors.

Alternative input serves as an abbreviation of the competition. In case the name of the competition was too long it would show up incomplete in the web offers which may cause some ambiguity. That´s why you should use an alternative name input any time when it is appropriate. If you do not fill in the alternative name, the original Name will be automatically displayed throughout the web.

Fill the date and official time of the beginning in the Start input.

Fill the date and official time of the ending of the competition in the End input. Start and End inputs must both be filled in.

Fill the competition registration deadline in the End of registration input. For organizational reasons it is not usually possible to register on the day when the competition is held. If you fail to fill in the input the competitors will be able to register up to the date when the competition is held.

Short description input serves as a motto of the competition; you can fill a short message to the competitors to motivate them to take part in the competition.

Summary input is for introduction of the competition. 1-3 paragraphs may be written to present the competitors what they can look forward to.

Next is Part visibility input where you can set the dates when the competition is visible in the event calendar. In the Publication input you can set the date from which the event shall show up on the web. If you fail to fill it in it shows up immediately when created.

Expiration input is for setting the last date when the competition is visible in the event calendar on the casscoring.com web. This input must always be filled in. As the date expires the competition disappears from the event calendar and it is automatically moved into the Archive of Competitions where it is saved including the results etc.

Text tab has only one textarea where you can put all other information you want to present to the competitors. To format the text, you can use headlines, paragraphs or short bullet lists. Make sure the text is divided into shorter blocks and thus more readable for users.

Operator tab is optional. Use it just in case that other person than the one previously named at the venue is in charge. If other person is in charge of the competition you must always fill in their name, phone number and e-mail address. Keep in mind that none of the data above may be left out. Other inputs do not need to be filled in.

Link tab is optional and has only one input – Weblink - which you can use in case the competition has its own website. If you want to use Weblink always specify the full URL address including the http or https protocols.

Media tab contains two inputs – Picture and Photo Gallery.

Picture input is a main visual element of the competition. Right under this picture the whole competition will be presented throughout the casscoring.com web. The picture used mustn´t contain any text, must be landscape and the longer side should be at least 2000 px wide. Maximum size is 5MB. Only JPEG and PNG formats are allowed. Do not ever upload posters of the competition in the picture input – they will not look good. Picture also works as a preview picture when sharing the competition throughout the web. There may be a collision of the text in the picture with the text of the target media. Always use a clear photo or illustration without text.

Photo gallery input is mainly used after finishing of the competition. There you can upload all the photos from the competition which you want to save as a memory of your event. You may upload up to 50 JPEG photos up to 5 MB each at the same time. When you have finished uploading them you can upload another 50 photos.

Files tab is used to import supporting documents such as invitations, leaflets, posters and other promotion of the competition. We recommend to import all files in PDF format. The size limit is 5 MB again.

Videos tab is used if you have a video invitation or you will have a video recording of the competition. To each competition you can place one video recording through a link to the YouTube video. You can get the link easily on YouTube using the share icon.

The most important file for an organizer is the last Contest tab where you can set all the parameters of your competition. If you do not want your event to behave as a competition for any specific reason uncheck the first Contest checkbox. If the checkbox is unchecked competitors cannot register in the competition at all.

When it is a competition though then first set the payment methods and starting fee. It is always needed to choose one of the two options – Bank transfer or In Cash at the shooting range.

Then using the checkboxes choose what competitors´ categories will be opened at the competition. At each category set the starting fee if it is charged. Leave unchecked all the categories not opened at the competition.

You can also set the parameters of accommodation, gifts and other items at the end of the form.

And that's all! Now the competition is fully set and ready for publication. You just need to save it and start promoting and inviting the competitors.

Should you want to translate your club record into other languages click the other language version button and then click the button "modify" in the editorial panel toolbar. To localize the name, alternative name, short description and summary into other language you can use the properties tab. Under the Text tab you can localize the textarea. After clicking the Save button the changes will be saved in the currently set language version.

Consider that the changes in the name, alternative name, short description, summary and content may vary in the different language versions and that´s why you must change also the other language version content when changing one language version.

In case of any technical questions use the Support button in the editorial toolbar or contact the administrator of the casscoring.com web directly.