Web Manual 01: Club administration

Every organizer has their own space for the competitions they hold on the casscoring.com web. Such space is called "Clubs" in the editorial system. The clubs are founded by the web administrator only who provides you with the rights needed to manage the club. As soon as you get a message from your administrator that the club was founded all you need to do is to log into the content management system.

Before you start to promote your competitions on the web you must set the parameters of your club correctly.


Log into your user´s account in the top right corner and go to your club in the list of clubs. Next click the Edit button. Modal window opens with several tabs. All of them need to be filled in one after another.

Properties tab contains basic information for your club´s identification. Input name tab is an official and full name of your club. The name is copied then into official schedules which every athlete receives via e-mail with the instructions for the competition.

Input alternative name tab may be used when the original name of the club is too long and complicated. You can use an abbreviation which is used then across the casscoring.com web in the list of club links etc. If not filled, then the web automatically fills in the original name of your club.

Input short description tab may be used for a motto of your club which presents your club right next to its name.
Input summary tab may be used for basic information about your club and its activities. Ideal length is from 1 to 3 short paragraphs.

Text tab has only one textarea where you can put all other information to present your club on the casscoring.com web. To format the text, you can use headlines, paragraphs or short bullet lists. Make sure the text is divided into shorter blocks and thus more readable for users.

Address tab must be completely filled in with all the necessary information. The information is then used in the official competition documents. The only box that you don´t need to fill in is Input state in case that your country is not divided into individual states. GPS coordinates must be also filled in. If you do not know them you can use the map in the editorial window. There you can choose the location and put a pin in it and then press the set button next to the GPS coordinates. Thus is the location copied into the club record.

Contact tab contains two mandatory records – a phone number (input phone tab) and an e-mail address (input e-mail address). E-mail record is very important in particular because the e-mail address is used for communication of the registration system with you and the athletes who enter your competition. Make sure to fill in an operating e-mail address to which you have a non-stop access.

Bank account tab is important to set the bank connection and currency which will then be displayed to the athletes at your competitions. Each club may fill in two bank account numbers with two different currencies. If you only have one bank account but you want to display two currencies options e.g. USD and EUR you must fill in the both tabs with the same number and different currencies. If you do not have a bank account and the athletes pay cash at your competitions you do not need to fill in the bank account information. But it is always necessary to fill in the currency through Input currency tab at the first bank account. The currency will then be used for all competitions that you organize. Advance payment will not be possible and it will always be stated that the starting fee must be paid cash on spot.

Media tab has only one box – input picture. By dragging or clicking the upload picture button you can paste a logo or other graphic composition representing your club across the web. Make sure the compositions landscape is at least 2000px. The maximum size of the file is 5 MB.

When the work is done you just click the save button and the changes may be seen on the casscoring.com web instantly.
Should you want to translate your club record into other languages click the other language version button and then click the button "modify" in the editorial panel toolbar. To localize the name, alternative name, short description and summary into other language you can use the properties tab. Under the Text tab you can localize the textarea. After clicking the Save button the changes will be saved in the currently set language version.

Consider that the changes in the name, alternative name, short description, summary and content may vary in the different language versions and that´s why you must change also the other language version content when changing one language version.

In case of any technical questions use the Support button in the editorial toolbar or contact the administrator of the casscoring.com web directly.