Web Manual 00: Content management system

Welcome in the basic course on the CAS Scoring matches and clubs content management system on the casscoring.com web. You have probably already received the login data from the web administrator. If not, ask for them.


The editorial system works on PCs exclusively and it is optimized for Google Chrome browser. It should work in other browsers too but it may have slight differences in functioning so we recommend the Google Chrome browser to manage your matches.

Jas soon as you receive the login data click on a small QE icon in the web footer. A log-in window pops up and you should type in your e-mail and password. After logging in two new toolbars show up - control panels of the QuickEdit editorial system.

The top panel performs editing and founding of the places and events you organize. There you can also find export and order management buttons. On the right side of the panel you can ask for help in case you get lost. The last button is for logout of the editorial system.

There is a structure tab in the left panel. There you can see all your places and events even those that already expired or are currently hidden for common users of the casscoring.com web. In the structure panel you can easily check whether your event is founded under the correct venue. The panel also may be used to browse the content which has already been saved on the portal.