Web Manual 02: Place administration

Once the record of your club is correctly set you can fill in the calendar of your competitions. You have to set the venue for each competition. More competitions with different dates may take place at the venue. That´s why the casscoring.com web system is made in order not to fill in the name of the venue again and again. That´s why you can set as many venues as you want to within your club and use them repeatedly for an unlimited number of competitions.


Set your first venue on your club page by choosing the New button and then Item place button in the toolbar. Then the modal window to input the name shows up. The modal window has several tabs that must be filled in.

Properties tab contains basic information to identify your venue. Input name tab is an official name of the venue where the competition is held. The name is then copied into the official schedules which every athlete receives via e-mail with the instructions for the competition.

Alternative name tab may be used if the name of the venue is too long and complicated. If you do not fill in the tab the original full name is automatically copied.

Input short description tab may be used for a short introduction of the venue.

Input summary tab may be used for information on the activities that take place at the venue on everyday basis. The text should not be longer than 1 to 3 shorter paragraphs.

Text tab has only one textarea where you can put all other information about the venue that you can communicate to the users. To format the text, you can use headlines, paragraphs or bullet lists. Make sure that the text is divided into shorter blocks and thus more readable for the users.

Address tab must be completely filled with all the necessary information. The information is then used in the official competition documents. The only tab that you don´t need to fill in is Input state in case that your country is not divided into individual states. GPS coordinates of the venue must be also filled in. If you do not know them you can use the map in the editorial window. There you can choose the location and put a pin in it and then press the set button next to the GPS coordinates. Thus is the location copied into the club record.

Operator tab contains information about the contact person for the venue. The information is then automatically copied into all competitions held at the venue. If you set another operator at the competition the information form the competition is copied. Operator must fill in the name, phone number and e-mail address ( Input name, phone, e-mail tab).

Should you want to translate your venue into other languages click the other language version button and then click the button "modify" in the editorial panel toolbar. To localize the name, alternative name, short description and summary into other language you can use the properties tab. Under the Text tab you can localize the textarea content. After clicking the Save button the changes will save in the actually set language version.

Consider that the changes in the name, alternative name, short description, summary and content may vary in the different language versions and that´s why you must change also the other language version content when changing one language version.

In case of any technical questions use the Support button in the editorial toolbar or contact directly the administrator of the casscoring.com web.