XVII Otwarte Mistrzostwa Polski w strzelectwie westernowym


PSSW wants every competitor to leave this year with a prize from us.... We ask all the contestants to join the sponsors and that everyone who can and wants to bring something with them to increase the prize pool, which will go to each contestant thanks to the tombola.
PSSW wishes for all the contestants to obtain prizes this year. We ask all the participants who can and desire to join as sponsors and bring something to increase a prize pool of tombola so prizes could get to all the competitors.

Participation in the competition is possible only after payment no later than 18.04.2022 advance payment to the account of PSSW in the amount of 200 zł.
Alior Bank 59 2490 0005 0000 4530 1068 4443 (does not apply to competitors from outside Poland).
PSSW members must have paid membership fees. Participation in the competition possible only for members of shooting sports clubs (any shooting club)

Information, program on the website (Information, program: https://caspoland.weebly.com/mistrzostwa-polski-2023.html

The competitor who wants to change the selected options is asked to email

Note the form does not take into account different payment options. In order to determine the final amount, please read the regulations. / Note the form does not take into account different payment options. Please read the terms and conditions to determine the final amount.

Place: Stary Chrząstów, Parzęczew, 95-045, Stary Chrząstów, Poland, 51.93894324 19.16300392
Date: From 2. 5. 2023, 09.00 to 4. 6. 2023, 00.00
Contact: PSSW, pssw.cas@gmail.com, +48601621491
Competitors: Registered competitors
End of registrations: 15. 4. 2023

Note the entry form calculates the cost of the speed competition per attempt. A competitor has a maximum of 3 attempts. 10 PLN per each.