HELL in Znojmo 2023

XXI. Czech Champiomship of Cowboy Action Shooting

Enter posse requests to application comments field or send request to Match Director by mail.

In accordance with the match regulations, the categories have been adjusted as of 9/4/2023 to meet the minimum number of shooters to open a category- see document Hell 2023 Open Categories.

All unpaid orders have been deleted.

Registration has been re-opened, but shooters can register only to open categories and must pay a surcharge of 500 CZK/22 EUR for late registration- it is necessary to select Mandatory surcharge for late registration when creating the registration. You can place new order till May 8th 2023.


Place: Znojmo, Oblekovice 480, 67181, Znojmo,, 48.84214400 16.10182800
Date: 4. 7. 2023 from 12.00
Contact: Sean, Joe Loco , jurda.michal@seznam.cz
Competitors: Registered competitors
End of registrations: 8. 5. 2023

Colbert's Training Camp 1911 Registration