RO2, Derringer Match, info about New Events DOT 2024 and Guest Badges

T-shirts, Cups, Derringer Match, Long Range, Best Dressed, RO class and Cowboys Got Talent, Information about Hell on Heels, Swap Meet and Plainsman

In this "Match" you may sign up for new events offered at DOT 2024:


Please sign up here (in this "Match") for:

* SASS RO2 class (08:00 - 12:00, Monday 22. July)

* Derringer Match, 9 stages (09:00 - 12:00, Monday 22. July)

* Ordering a Guest Badge for non shooters, free of charge. This will be needed to enter the stages and to participate in the Main Tent events. Please use the "note" box to write the alias/name of your Guest Badge. Your "guests" are encouraged to find an alias if they dont already have one.


Long Range: 6 categories (13:00 - 18:00 Mon. 22., 09:17:30 Tues. 23. and 09:00 - 17:30 Wed. 24. July).             Registration is free of charge, must be done using this Google document:

(Copy and paste this link into your browser or use the link in PDF document attached to this "Match")

Have you already signed up for Long Range? Unfortunately, you have to registrate again using the link above. We do hope all the new categories makes up for it!!


Best Dressed: 6 categories (17:00 - 19:45 Thursday 25.July) Contestants may enter several categories, but only once in the same category. Registration is free of charge, must be done in this Google Document: 

(Copy and paste this link into your browser or use the link in PDF document attached to this "Match")

Have you already signed up for Best Dressed at DOT 2024? Unfortunately, you have to registrate again using the link above. We do hope all the new categories makes up for it!!


Cowboys Got Talent: (Monday Afternoon/evening 22. july):

Contestents may perform a talent alone or in a group. 

Sign up by checking the box for Cowboys Got Talent in this "Match"

We will contact you by email asking about:

* Your stagename, name of your show or name of your group

* Participant(s)

* Category of talent


RO2 class: Monday 08:00 - 12:00 in Main Tent. Cold Hand Leo, Nashvillle Frank and Blackhand Jailer will share their knowledge on

* Match Safety Planning
* Stage Design
* Appeals
* Spectator Safety
* Duties of the Timer Operator
* Managing the Course of Fire
* Categories with Unique requirements
* Appeals and Protests
* Power factor and testing

- and more.



Monday 12:45 - 17:00. Due to a large number of registred contestants, we will open the Modern category. You may now choose the Traditional or the Modern category (the latter uses rifles with ejectors). For those already signed up for plainsman, please send us an email ( with the subject Plainsman and tell us wich category you want to participate in. Doing this now will save us manuell adjustments and possible confusion at the match.


Swap Meet:

Wednesday 16:00 - 18:00 in the Maintent. Set up at a table free of charge, no selling before 15:00!! This event may continue as long as the sellers want to, but must terminate at 19:00 to give room for dining and for the evening entertainment´s preparations.


Hell on Heels:

Friday 18:00 - 20:00 in the Main Tent: Ladies only evening. Hopefully all ladies will participate in this social festivity so that we all can get to know eachother better! We are planning for some food and drinks of different kinds to be served free of charge.


Place: Reito, Uddheden, 68698, Torsby, Sweden, 60.04871330 12.90032570
Date: From 22. 7. 2024, 00.00 to 27. 7. 2024, 00.00
Contact: Torsby Pistolskytteklubb,
Competitors: Registered competitors
End of registrations: 10. 7. 2024

When DOT 2024 was opened for registrations we, the organizers, were caught totally off guard with the enormous amount of shooters whom wanted to come to Torsby and participate in the 2024 European Championship of Cowboy Action Shooting.

As this pleasant surprise came early fall 2023, we have been able to change our original plans for this event to accomodate a lot more shooters than we originally planned for.

To further enhance the quality and shooters amusement at DOT 2024, fellow cowboys and cowgirls have stepped up and voluntared to organize additional events. The easiest way, when dealing with 400 entries, is to let every contestant sign up without further personal assistance. This avoids us having to manually deal with thousands of emails. If however something went wrong, if you need our assistance or forgot to registrer for some events, please do not hesitate to contact us on email

Please remember that all work done by all organizers are based on voluntary, non paid working hours. In shorter or longer periodes, your enquiries will unfortunately experience longer time of responce from us. We appologize this, and invite you  - if your question is urgent -to contact us on private arenas.


Important dates for DOT 2024:

* March 1: If you cancel your registration before this date you will be credited 100% of your registration fee.

* May 1: Last date to order and pay for your T-shirts and cups!

* May 15: Categories will be closed. In general, 3 competitors must be registred for a category to remain open.

* July 10: Last day of registration and payment.