The Dutch Marathon 2024

The longest CAS match ever!

This Easter the chosen ones, the lucky ones will be able to pursue their quest for ultimate cowboy-action happiness!

To engage in the Olympic tradition, a few crazy cowboys will (with the help of the team at Davy Crockett in Horst) organize the worlds first Cowboy Action Marathon!

  • 4 days of fun
  • 4 days of fine dining and cold beers
  • 42 stages CAS
  • Over 900 rounds of ammo
  • 4 days never to forget

Unfortunately for all the other cowboys in the world, this unique event has already reached the maximum number of contestants, but there will be a new chance in 2028 when it is time for the next Dutch Marathon

Lage: Davy Crockett Horst, Bergsteeg 20, 5964NJ, Meterik, Niederlande
Datum: Vom 28. 3. 2024, 00.00 bis 31. 3. 2024, 00.00
Ende der Anmeldungen: 22. 3. 2024
Registrierungslimit Main Match: 20 (registriert 20, übrig 0)